Stop losing money in

Google Ads.

Stop losing money in

Google Ads.

Get 3X better returns from Google Ads.
How: find Where you’re screwing up - and Ways to fix it.

PPC Gear - Instantly find where you lose money in Google Ads | Product Hunt

“PPC Gear showed me what questions to ask my agency”

- Simon, Marketer

“Found some ideas that had never occurred to us - really cool stuff”

- Blake, Founder

What is PPC Gear?

PPC Gear is a machine learning based ad analytics tool that helps marketers save money by finding ad attributes that are low or no returns.

Reduce wasted ad spend

Improve least productive ads

Boost device-specific ROAS

Get campaign-level insights

Find best performing ads

What is included in PPC Gear's analysis?

Return on ad spend analysis.

The most under-rated stat in ad marketing but also the most powerful.

  • ROAS Analysis – All Devices
  • ROAS Analysis – All Campaigns
  • Overall ROAS analysis
  • Budget vs. Spend analysis

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Actionable insights you can implement the next minute.

What’s data if it is not converted into insights that you can use to tweak the way to run ads?

  • Device ad spend insights
  • Campaign ad spend insights
  • Campaign Leaderboards and insights
  • Insights on wasted ad spend

BONUS! – Free user behavior study of your site.

Opt-in to have our CRO experts analyze your site’s experience and tell you where your site is unable to convert customers.

  • CRO specific behavioral analysis
  • Free 30-minute session with our experts
  • Advice that you can implement straight away
  • 360-degree UX Analysis
  • 100% no-cost


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